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J. Everman Fuzz Drive G2 2003

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Toffe boutique pedaal, fuzz drive, van J. Everman. Het pedaal heeft wat wear maar werkt 100%.

From the builder:

The Fuzz Drive is the result of the combination of a fully functional fuzz pedal and a high quality overdrive. You'll find the Fuzz Drive works with your amp and sounds more like a part of it instead of hacked onto it, as a lot of pedals do. Each Fuzz Drive unit is hand built, tested, signed and dated by a single craftsman to assure quality.

Internal Adjustments
This unit is internally adjustable and can be set to the users personal preferences. The picture on the left, illustrates the two adjustable potentiometers on the main board. By turning the BIAS 2 knob you adjust the guitar's interaction with your pedal. By adjusting the DRIVE 2 knob you control the amount of overdrive. The user should try different combinations of settings to see which will work best with their current setup.


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