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Rare Menatone King Of The Britains Distortion 6-knob. Great

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Zeer mooie en veelzijdige germanium treble booster van Arc Effects!

In perfecte staat. Compleet met doosje, handleiding, etc.
Wordt niet veel aangeboden.

Net als de DAM Red Rooster heeft deze een range knob die gaat van full treble boost naar full range boost. Zeer veelzijdig dus.

Geen (in)ruil.

From Arc Effects:
The newly revised Gamut takes over where the original left off with the addition of a voltage converter that allows this pedal to be used with all standard negative ground 9v power supplies. No need for a battery or any special power supplies and this CAN be daisy chained with other standard pedals without any issues. In addition to that, it now also features a GAIN knob for fine tuning the perfect balance between volume and gain!

A nod to to the classic Treble Booster - The Gamut is a fresh take on the original circuit with features necessary for the modern musician seeking vintage inspired sounds. The major addition is the Range knob which allows you to use the Gamut as a classic treble booster (Range all the way down) all the way to a full range booster (Range all the way up) with everything in between. This makes for precise dialing in of low end frequencies for fattening up single coils or retaining that classic cutting sound effortlessly. At it's core is an audited, tested, and tuned Germanium Transistor, NOS Paper In Oil Capacitors and Premium Components throughout. No expense spared and every component selected for its exceptional quality.

• Custom 3.5" x 5" 18 Gauge Steel Enclosure With A White and Matte Black Powdercoated Finish
• True Bypass Switching
• Top Mounted Jacks
• DC Power + Internal Battery Snap


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