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Menatone King Of The Britains 7-knob + boost 2007 - RARE -

€ 375,00

Ophalen of Verzenden (+ € 9,00)


Very great and rare Marshall style distortion pedal from Menatone.

Over the years I have had several pedals from Menatone and I am a big fan. I still own the old 5 knob Workingman's Blue and a 6 knob King of the Britains. Also had the Red Snapper which was top notch too.

This King, which is a Marshall-in-a-box-style pedal, is build in 2007.
It truly delivers. This one has a great sound. Like I said I have two Kings so this one can go. Hard to choose really.

This King has a 3 way voicing switch:
1. Plexi Bass
2. Plexi Lead
3. Modern JCM800 (i believe)

It also features a BOOST which is a great one. You can switch it on/off independently.
And of course knobs to set the eq: Presence, Treble, Mid, Bass, Vol, Gain.

The pedal is in great shape. It comes without the box, so pedal only.


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