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Analogman Astrotone Fuzz Black 2013

€ 285,00

Ophalen of Verzenden (+ € 9,00)


Toffe OD/fuzs van Analogman.

Heeft alleen wat kleine krasjes aan de onderkant.
Komt met originele doos, manual, etc

Some info from Analogmans website:

This pedal is based on the 1960's SAM ASH FUZZZ BOXX and ASTROTONE FUZZ made in New York City in 1966-68 by the Astro Amp company. It was one of the best fuzz pedals.
Many people have problems using a Fuzz Face type pedal, like our Sunface, live with a band. I had the same problem which is one reason we are making these pedals, it’s something I need to get the sounds I want. I play Fender amps with a Les Paul, which is not too favorable to fuzz face pedals. But this pedal works great with that setup.

The sound is not as compressed as a Fuzz Face, not SUPER thick and saturated, something between a fuzz and distortion. It’s fuzzier into a smaller amp (Fender Deluxe), and more of a BOOSTER into a large distorted amp (Marshall 1970s Super Lead). It can also be stacked with other pedals, for example running a fuzz face into it can get a sound like Spirit in the Sky, which buzzes and cuts out. Or run the Astro Tone into an OD pedal like a TS808 or KoT to make it fatter.


  • True Bypass switching
  • Super Bright LED for lower power use, buffed so as not to blind you!
  • Uses less than 1 mA of power when off, only 3 when on, so an Alkaline bat tery will last a few hundred hours of normal playing time.
  • Three simple knobs - Volume, Fuzz, and Tone.
  • High quality, hand wired RE’AN input and output jacks.
  • In and Out jacks on top for best pedalboard real estate management
  • Normal Boss style power jack, on the right side, negative ground so no polarity problems
  • original 1966 Fairchild Silicon transistors, not affected by heat like a Germanium fuzz.
  • Sound is not as compressed as a fuzzface, not SUPER thick and saturated, something between a fuzz and distortion but closer to a fuzz.
  • Like most 1960s fuzz pedals, it does not work well with a wah into it, unless it's a "fuzz friendly" wah like the RMC, or a wah with the Foxrox Wah Retrofit installed.

    Black version!
    Some people on The Gear Page wanted a black version with gold graphics like the original, so we made a batch in late summer 2011. We have the black/gold available as an option.


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